• Image of BOOK - Coma Therapy By Eric Victorino - A Collection Of Poems

3rd printing

"Coma Therapy" is captivating... Engaging and uninhibited. Compels us with tales of true life through gritty dialogue and descriptive diction... Eric Victorino draws you in and he doesn't let go until the end..." --Amazon.com


"Raw and personal, brutal and bold. With elements of boyish humor, adolescent wickedness and rock-star charm..." --Silicon Valley Metro Newspaper

"There are very few ways to get inside the mind of a lyricist. One way is through reading their diaries, the other through sleeping with them. Eric's book is the more entertaining of the options. It's a raw look inside the heart and mind of a rock 'n' roll spiritualist whose struggles with love (Chaplin) and versus the world (Keaton) are laid out bare like an exhibitionist on a double-dare." --Mike Shea, Founder AP Magazine

"Coma Therapy" is the sound of a powerful new voice in contemporary American literature. Victorino's brand of punchy prose often draws comparisons to the likes of Charles Bukowski and Hunter S. Thompson. This debut collection of poems and short stories draws a dangerously thin line between the heartwarming and the horrifying... Eric Victorino then mischievously walks that line all the way to the last page. Defiant, triumphant, hopeful and wise.