• Image of CD - Trading Sunshine For Shadows - Audiobook
  • Image of CD - Trading Sunshine For Shadows - Audiobook

first run limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

Trading Sunshine For Shadows.

Read by Eric Victorino, recorded by Todd Cooper.

2.4 hours of audio on 86 tracks spread over two discs.

unlike Victorino's two previous audiobooks, this project was recorded in a professional environment and is up to standard audiobook quality.


Please Keep Loving Me
Trading Shadows
Waiting Rooms
Lost Boy In A Coffee Can
Youth And The Gravity Of Love
Dearest Tomorrow, Please Let Me Down Easy This Time
Old Orchard City
It All Starts With A Deep Breath And A Smile
Alice In Fuck-it Land
Like Rats
Sometimes A Friend Is All You Really Need
Thanks Be For Each Day
Another Rainy Day Parade Courtesy Of Yours Truly
Post Office Box
When They Close For Good
Start Having Sex With A Stranger
Hard To Love
The Explosions We Survive
Tall Mistakes, Like A Forest Around Me
Green Grass, Blue Sky, Black Heart
Keep Calm
I Carry Mine, You Carry Yours
Dreams Don't Come True Just Because You Want Them To
The Nature Of Trust
Different Kisses
Fall Asleep On A Beach
I'm Sorry I Threw A Rock At Your Head
Arthritis And Box Office Gold
Son Of A Ghost
The Girl At The Creekside Inn
Not Surprised Anymore When I Let Myself Down
Deathbed In My Head
Flat Tire
Like A License To Stay Hopeless
To Cut A Me Shaped Hole In Time
Oh, Hell
Train Song
A Fucking +
To Call It An Argument Implies At Least One Of Us Was Listening
Father's Day
It's Not Empty Or Pointless
Eternal Suckerpunch And A Dog Toy For A Nose
Stranger In The Mirror
Take The Tracks
Kinda Hard To Say Lonely
Free Will And The God Bomb
Fire And Clouds
Every Morning Is Goodbye
Don't Know Where To Go
Paper Airplane
Surviving Is Easy
Just Us Again
Too Safe
Sad Face Stuck Like That
Seven Years Into The Rest Of Our Lives
By Starlight
A Fish You Won't Catch Again
Rusty Rollercoaster
It Happens To Other People, Not US
If I'm Still Right Here Tomorrow
Until The Crowd Goes Home
Not Sure How To Start A Fire
Here I'm High Again
Didn't Have The Heart To Cash The Check
I Know Now
As We Move To Be More Temporary
Russian Roulette Champion
It's What You Hold Onto
View From The Top Of Shit Mountain
Various Cancers, Missteps And More Bad News
Such A Lonely Day
Window Seat
The Couch
If I End Up Giving Up

Running Time 2.4hours

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